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Our Community Our Partners

Since 1989, The Weekly Issue/El Semanario has built a solid reputation on committed relationships,

garnering trust and nurturing a foundation for integrity within our communities.
The non-profit sector and business communities that share common interests of culture, diversity and equality,
shape Our Community Our Partners.

Through The Weekly Issue/El Semanario’s involvement in creative partnerships,
communities become visible, productive and self-reliant. This in turn helps bring stability to FAMILIES.

The opportunities available through Our Community Our Partners offers extraordinary potential to

connect with the most respected organizations in Colorado, New Mexico and across the U.S

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Our Community Our Partners, works with non-profit and for-profit organizations involved in Education, Health, Arts, Housing and Science.  

We value the efforts of organizations such as yours and understand the necessity of keeping a community balanced, educated, informed and progressive. 

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Together our resources have made a difference.!

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